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Whether you take a historical perspective, or look forward with today’s lively, growing community, Papworth Everard is a very special place that occupies a distinctive position in the beautiful district of South Cambridgeshire.

This website gives a flavour of the village and its surroundings, as well as being a source of information about events and local organisations. Its primary purpose, however, is to offer an insight into the role of Papworth Everard Parish Council, the services it offers and the people – councillors and staff – who constitute it.

The council is very keen to increase community participation in its affairs, whether by encouraging more people to join, or simply to attend a meeting once in a while.

Minutes of council and committee meetings are available to download from this site, while specific items can be located using the Search function. You can also enquire about Village Hall bookings and availability of cemetery plots, or contact us to raise any other topic. Alternatively, telephone enquiries can be made to the Clerk on 01480 830360.

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Contact us

Papworth Everard Parish Council
Papworth Village Hall
Ermine Street South
Papworth Everard
CB23 3RD

Tel: 01480 830360

Parish Clerk: Mrs Sarah Cruse

(Usual Working Hours 9.00am – 3.00pm Monday – Thursday)

Assistant Parish Clerk: Mrs Clare Taylor

Parish Council Chairman: Mr Paul Phillips

The Village Hall  enquiry form can be found here or you can email your enquiry the Bookings Clerk at


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