As a direct result of the Covid-19 crisis, Papworth Everard Parish Council took the decision to close the Parish Office and Village Hall to the public until such time as we receive clear guidance that these buildings are safe to be publicly accessible again.

Further to the Government’s announcement on 23 March, to seek to control the spread of the Coronavirus, the Parish Council’s play area on Ermine Street North, the trim trail and the MUGA are also now closed until further notice.

To date we are still allowed to keep open our green spaces, so whilst the play equipment must not be used, the field itself will remain open for people to exercise on, until such time as the Government mandate otherwise. This is on the provision that individuals are adhering to rules on social distancing and not using the field as a place to gather or congregate.

We are proud of our play and leisure facilities in the village, and with the support of everyone we hope that these restrictions can soon be lifted.

Please stay safe, be sensible and play by the rules – as a village we will get through this !